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I live pretty much one day at a time. I never know what comes next. Long ago it was about graduating from high school, then scratching my head til a menial job presented itself and kept me working the same job for three years, until I hired an employment agency that sent me to an Oldsmobile dealership. This was an improvement over the clerking job at the small town book store and for seven years, I did license and title work and answered the phone and cashed out customers. The computer age was just beginning so I learned to use the yellow tape machine to send vehicle information to GM. The typewriter I was using was a very old manual from the 40’s. Getting married and starting a family was the normal progression and with next to no experience for dating, I married a high school friend that had been away in the navy, now divorced and looking for his next thing as well. This has been my life for 45 years. I loved being a mom and when they left the nest, I realized that just maybe I could do something I really wanted to do. I didn’t know how to dream too big, but a photography class broadened my visions for myself and i realized that I had a semi talent for it. Photo walks became satisfying and sharing photos of my country surroundings seemed to bring joy to others. Now that I’m pushing 70 years old, I’m wondering just what my next project could be. I seem to be drawn a bit to the mystery of writing. I have several books and I’m intrigued by the process. Looks like it could be a lot of work and I’d be starting from scratch on just how it is done. I do have a lot I want to say, but I’m not convinced anyone wants to hear it. I’m taking my impression about that with the seemingly indifference of those who have heard my babbling. It’s just that communicating wasn’t my strongest skill throughout these decades. Talking wasn’t all that encouraged and for many years I lived withdrawn with not much to say. Somehow in my imagination there wasn’t that much to share. . In the process of living my chaotic and somewhat boring and confusing life, I gradually grew in confidence and thoughts that seem almost like insight and wisdom. I heard a speaker recently who said that no one really starts thinking til they reach 40 years of age. I agree. Until there is an accumulation of living experience , what is there to really think about. No life is wasted when there are accumulated stories to tell that outline the complicated spiritual journey that I am sure is the point of human existence. Everyone has a story . I’d venture further to say that everyone has an important story. It just isn’t possible to live without gaining life insight. Even as unimaginative as I was in my youth, I had set my heart to learn spiritual truths. What have I got to lose writing it down, even if it is only for me.


So I’m trying to learn this site and how to use it.  For the moment I’m just using the free plan.  It’s a new experience to share like this so publicly.  The former post was three years ago.  I’m somewhat inspired to add another goal to my schedule of things to do.  I’m a grandmother, hobby photographer, writer, historian and hopefully a good friend.  This weekend will be another opportunity to investigate and learn more about the mechanics of how to blog.  I’ve had to prod myself to be a more social person and just what is it that people talk about all the time.  Listening in I hear an awful lot of nothing, but now and then there is a tidbit worth remembering.  Actually I believe in people and their hidden abilities to be more creative.  What to do about bringing out the best in them and open themselves to share their well of experience and knowledge that they possess.  I would love to mine this place of opportunity  and share all the philosophical views of the seasoned folks before they disappear again into the crowds silently as if they really had nothing to say. 20190114_072456

Too Much Information — Cultivating Enthusiasm

While I really like the idea of blogging I find now that I’m a blank. I am suffering from TMI. Organizing information is a challenge and even more of a challenge is remembering the profound thoughts that I just knew were worth sharing when I was babysitting or taking a walk in the woods. I […]

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